curriculum vitae
Sabine Wild, b. 1962 in Padua, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin since 1985.
Studied German Studies, Linguistics + Spanish in Bielefeld, Münster, Cologne + Berlin
Ostkreuzschule for photography at Jonas Maron. Since 2003 worked as a free photographer.
Member of the Career Association of Artist Berlin E.V. - bbk-berlin.de
2005: co-founder of the Gallery en passant, since 2016 EP.Contemporary
With Susanne Wehr 2008 Inintiator of Southwest passage cult tour Cultural tour in Friedenau
From 2009-2014: Jury member Foundation Kunstfonds, Bonn
Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

Gallery representatives:

Edition Gallery Lumas 
Gallery Petra Nostheide-Eieke, Dusseldorf
Gallery Ep.Contemporary, Berlin
La Gallery Shayne, Melbourne, Canada


Customers (selection):
Bosch Ingeneering GmbH, abstess
Supply plant of the architect chamber NRW, Dusseldorf
Raffles Hotel Singapore
AOK, Dusseldorf
Dechert LLP, Frankfurt


Publications / Press / Texts:
Sabine Wild - Projections, Avenso Publishing, 2014
CollectionG Fine Art - The Lumas Portfolio IV, Publisher Teneues, 2016
Collecting Fine Art - The Lumas Portfolio III, Publisher Teneues, 2013
Collecting Fine Art - The Lumas Portfolio II, Verlag Teneues, 2011
Creative Germany, ISBN: 978-3-86654-052-1, Daab Books, 2009, Out of print
Collecting Fine Art Photography, Vol. I, publishing Teneues, 2008, out

Silke Helmerdig: Deconstruction of the urban
Stephan Reisner: Shadows-and-light-sides
Christian Welzbacher: About Sabine Wild's Photographs
Interview on Deconarch July 2012:www.deconarch.com
Interview at Photoscala August 2015:www.photoscala.de
Article in the Italian magazine Zoom April 2016:www.fotografia.it